No, not the kids who skipped school to smoke butts. The documents, tables, & spreadsheets at your fingertips to help you dominate your DFS events! 

FIGHT WAGERS w/Breakdown

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Each UFC card we will select wagers that are locks, and give reasoning as to why we feel this way. Each selected wager will have a breakdown to give you some substance as to why we selected said wager.  


DFS Wiki-Sheet

The most in-depth Excel DFS oriented spreadsheet man has ever produced! Stats, Data, DFS-focused algorithms, and every piece of info that you'll need to fully analyze any MMA fight from a DFS (or betting) angle. It's no joke!  


If you're looking to just focus on the fighters to target within each DraftKings pricing tier, then you should consider using this tool. Short, sweet, and to the point, it shows you who you should consider building your lineups around from both a GPP and Cash game perspective.  

TALE of the TAPE

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You want just the basics? Well, then we'll give you the basics. Our Tale of the Tape will give you a physical and statistical breakdown of both fighters, while also providing DraftKings pricing and betting lines as well. Take this info and work your magic, or purchase a package where we'll work our magic for you!  


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Why bust your ass and do the hard work when someone else can do it for you? The American way, right? Well, if you don't like doing your own research, then you'll probably enjoy purchasing just our OPTIMAL LINEUPS for both Cash & GPP events. Our OPTIMAL LU's come embedded in our FULL PACKAGE, DFS PACKAGE, or can be purchased standalone.  

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