$20 per UFC Event

Our FULL PACKAGE premium package gives you everything you need to put together a competitive DraftKings lineup, as well as our selected lock wagers for the card. Nowhere else will you find such in-depth tools, analysis, and picks than you will with our FULL PACKAGE! For $20 per card you will receive the following: 

Downloadable Content Included In the FULL PACKAGE:

SELECTIVE WAGERS w/BREAKDOWNS: We will provide at least one wager per card, but more often than not, we'll find enough value in 2-5 wagers per card that we will provide to our clients. Each wager will have an in-depth breakdown of how we came to that conclusion, and why we believe this is a bet that will cash. Keep in mind, if you are a 1st-time buyer of our wagers, and for some reason our cumulative bets for the card do not produce a positive unit return, then you will receive the next card's wagers at no charge! Here's what to expect. Example: --> Wagers w/Breakdown

DFS FIGHTERS to TARGET: A breakdown of all targetable fighters on the card from a DFS perspective. We'll make it real simple for you by breaking out the targeted fighters into 3 different groups based on their DraftKings salaries: top tier, mid-tier, and low tier (Live Dogs). Example: --> DFS Fighters to Target

DFS WIKI-SHEET: The mother of all Excel spreadsheets when it comes to UFC & DFS! 8+ tabs of fighter info, statistics, data, projections, and custom DFS-focused algorithms that we have created​. There is so much content within this tool that you won't have to turn to any other source to handicap the fights! Example: --> DFS Wiki-Sheet

OPTIMAL LINEUPS: At least 2 Cash & 2 GPP "example" lineups will be provided that can be used, tweaked, or ignored, taking into account all of the tape study, stats, data, & logic that someone can fit into one's brain.​ EXAMPLE: --> Optimal Lineups

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