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Wagers w/Breakdown

$15 per UFC Event

Our Wagers w/Breakdown premium package will give you a breakdown of all of the wagers that we like for each respective card, and why we like them. Simple as that. If you purchase our wagers for the 1st time, and if for some crazy reason our premium bets do not return positive units, then you'll receive the next cards premium wagers at no cost. 


Downloadable Content Included in the "Wagers Package":

SELECTIVE WAGERS w/BREAKDOWNS: We will provide at least one wager per card, but more often than not, we'll find enough value in 2-5 wagers per card that we will provide to our clients. Each wager will have an in-depth breakdown of how we came to that conclusion, and why we believe this is a bet that will cash. Keep in mind, if you are a 1st-time buyer of our wagers, and for some reason our cumulative bets for the card do not produce a positive unit return, then you will receive the next card's wagers at no charge! Here's what to expect. Example: --> Wagers w/Breakdown