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DFS Wiki-Sheet

$6 per UFC Event

The DFS WIKI-SHEET Package will be the best $6 you ever spend! The Wiki-Sheet is an Excel tool that we created in order to accomplish a few goals: 

  1. To centralize all useful fighter data in one place and make it easily accessible while handicapping fights. 

  2. Aggregate and manipulate this data in order to create projections and find value in DK salaries and betting lines. 

  3. To make our lives easier. 

Every MMA DFSer and gambler should start their week handicapping with the Wiki-Sheet. We have an incredible amount of man hours that has been put into the Wiki-Sheet, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do! 

Downloadable Content Included In the DFS WIKI-SHEET Package:

DFS WIKI-SHEET: The mother of all Excel spreadsheets when it comes to UFC & DFS! 8+ tabs of fighter info, statistics, data, projections, and custom DFS-focused algorithms that we have created​. There is so much content within this tool that you won't have to turn to any other source to handicap the fights! Example: --> DFS Wiki-Sheet