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As MMA fans we all love to see the back and forth striking battles between two combatants. As a DFS player we especially love those types of contests, as it usually means that your rostered fighter is racking up some points. We love fighters on our #DraftKings roster

are high volumed strikers who aren't scared to make it a fire fight and stand in the pocket and trade.

UFC 244 SLpM vs. SApM

The attached graph gives a good visual representation of each fighter's Significant Strikes Landed per Minute (SLpM) vs. their Significant Strikes Absorbed per Minute (SApM). This will give you a good idea of which fighters throw with volume, which ones don't have the best defense and will be involved in a Fire Fight, and how they compare with the other fighters on the card.

A few interesting things of note:

  • Shane Burgos (7.06 SLpM vs. 6.14 SApM): isn't scared to step in the pocket and trade with his foe. He throws crazy volume, landing more than 7 significant strikes per min, but also takes his fair share of damage as well, absorbing more than 6 SApM. One thing is for sure, when Burgos steps in the cage fists will be flyin'!

  • Lyman Good (5.18 SLpM vs. 4.14 SApM) and Vincente Luque (5.19 SLpM vs. 4.72 SApM) are also good candidates to be roped into a high-volumed affair. Some times you need to take one in order to land one, and these 3 fighters definitely take that statement to heart!

  • Hakeem Dawodu (5.83 SLpM vs. 2.37 SApM) isn't scared to throw in volume, but he does a better job of not getting hit compared to the 3 fighters mentioned above. Dawodu has the best Striking Ratio on the card, landing 2.46 shots for every 1 that he eats.

  • There are actually 3 fighters on the card who take more shots than they give out, and have a Striking Ratio of less than 1.0. Chance Rencountre has an awful Striking Ratio of .28! So basically on average he lands .28 Significant Strikes for every one full Sig Strike he absorbs. Yes, he's a grappler by trade, but you aren't going to get very far if you continue to have a porous striking defense with awful output. Darren Till and Blagoy Ivanov also find themselves under the 1.0 Striking Ratio, coming in at .78 and .80 respectively - nowhere near the ballpark that Rencountre is in, but still something to be concerned about.

You can take this info however you'd like, but I feel these stats are a good indication of the potential that these fighters have when it comes to generating DraftKings points. I'll proceed with caution when it comes to the fighters below a 1.0 Striking Ratio, and I'll bump of the value of the fighters with a great Striking Ratio, and the others who aren't scared to get into a FireFight!

I'll be releasing some more content tomorrow morning, so keep your eye out!

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We are super stoked to have the opportunity to relaunch! It will be a slow roll out of functions over the course of the end of the year, but during this time we will be giving away most of our content for free! It's a good way to work the kinks out of the website, and to get feedback from interested parties on what they like, and what needs to change.

We are not in this for the money. We are committing all this time and effort in relaunching this site, and providing the best tools and content possible because we love the sport of MMA, and we love the process of handicapping fight cards. Period .

Keep an eye out over the coming days for more announcements. We'll also be releasing our insanely in-depth MMA Wiki-Sheet for free! This one tool will provide you with all the data, stats, and projections you need in order to handicap a UFC card from both a DFS and a betting perspective. We'll be communicating how to access the tool through this blog, and through Twitter - @MMAFightIQ3. If you have any questions or comments please hit us up on Twitter, or you can email us at

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