Below is an example of an actual DFS Wiki-Sheet from UFC Fight Night 139: Korean Zombie vs. Rodriguez. This shows you exactly what info is provided within. This is by far the most in-depth spreadsheet of stats, data, info, and DFS oriented algorithms provided by any DFS MMA tool on the internet! The DFS Wiki-Sheet provides general fighter info, intense win/loss results, in-depth statistical information for each fighter (comparing those stats against his opponents stats), and exposing gaps and weaknesses in each fighter's game. An unprecedented amount of info is provided, all with that goal of providing you, the subscriber, an insane amount of info in order to put together your own competitive DraftKings lineups for all formats. 
There are a number of tabs included within the DFS Wiki-Sheet, and below is a breakdown of what each of those tabs provides: 
So what's within each tab you say?
  • FIGHTER ANALYSIS: This tab houses all of the information that the other tabs feed off of. Everything from physical attributes, to win/loss results, to in-depth stats, and everything in between.
  • TALE OF TAPE: Within this tab are the very basic, high-level Tales of the Tape for each match up. These can be copy and pasted as the subscriber wishes. A much more detailed Tale of the Tape is in the works and will replace this one eventually.
  • DRAFTKINGS ALGO: This tab pulls all relevant stats and data from the first tab, and puts it into a DraftKings scoring system oriented algorithm. Each category is weighted for importance, and can be adjusted as the subscriber sees fit, putting more emphasis on certain category's than others. 
  • RANKS: This tab ranks the fighters in pretty much every stat category from first to worst on the card. So if there are 12 fights on a card each category will have the fighters ranked 1-24, 1 being the top rank, 24 being the bottom rank. It's also conditionally formatted with dark green being the top rankings, and dark red being the lowest rankings for you folks who have a tough time with numbers.
  • RESULTS: This tab once again pulls from the 1st tab, and outlines the values of the more important stat categories and also ranks said categories directly next to them. Theses are also conditionally formatted from Green to Red as well. Some of these categories & rankings also take into account each fighters relative value - considering the value they produce for said category and comparing against their DraftKings Salary. 
  • OPTIMAL: This tab allows you to input fighters that you choose to roster within specific lineups, allowing you to keep track of your created lineups.
  • DATA UPLOAD: This tab allows you to add specific data into the pre-designed format, and then pulling this data directly into the "Fighter Analysis" tab, preventing a large amount of manual data entry. What's the "Odds A" vs "Odds B" stats difference you ask? Well, as betting lines shift as the event date grows closer, this gives you an opportunity to add in updated stats later in the week and have those updated betting lines flow through the rest of the document. All you need to do is switch from Odds A to Odds B on the "Fighter Analysis" tab near the top of the page, then the updated betting lines will be filtered in. 

Actual Wiki-Sheet

f/UFC  FN 139

--> There are numerous tabs on the bottom of the spreadsheet, giving you access to additional tools, data, and analysis. 

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