UFC FN 164: Blachowicz vs. Jacare

We've been churning out our fight breakdowns, bets we like, and DraftKings fighters to target. There's a fair amount of opportunity on this card on the betting side of things, while on the DK side there are some pretty obvious plays that will be highly owned. Most of the top-tier fighters are must play, so mixing and matching a combination of those top-end fighters will be important if you're looking to lock up that ever-illusive "optimal lineup"!

We have 4 premium bets we've posted in the members area, as well as one prop bet, and one parlay. We feel very confident about these plays tonight, so let's see what the MMA Gods have in store for us tonight! On the DraftKings side of things its a little more dicey, with a lot of top-tier talent, and not much in the way of value in the mid and lower tiers. Creating multiple lineups, rotating the top guys throughout your lineup construction, and filling in the rest will be important. It's going to be tough to enter one lineup in a GPP and pull out a win.

The bets we are on are:


- Alves

- Trinaldo

- Turman

- Blachowicz


- Rua/Craig <1.5 rounds


- Rua/Craig won't go to a decision

- Oliveira/Gordon won't go to a decision

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Good luck, and look for a recap of our results tomorrow morning.



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