UFC FN 166: DraftKings Fighters to Target

UFC FN 166: DraftKings Fighters to Target


Included is a detailed breakdown of fighters that we like for our DraftKings rosters. The fighters are broken out by 3 tiers (Top Tier, Mid Tier, and Live Dogs), and also provide a few "Leverage Plays" that will help you differentiate from the field in large GPP's. For each fighter we give an outline as to why we like them, and what we think their ceiling and floor are from a DraftKings scoring perspective. 


If you want the full story on these fighters, then we recommend signing up for a membership that will then give you access to our in-depth fight by fight breakdowns. Within these breakdowns we dig into the weeds, and give you some insight as to how the fight should stylistically unfold, which is critically important information when creating your DK rosters. 

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